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In NSX-T, the Admin and Audit user passwords for both the NSX Manager and NSX Edge appliances expire, by default, after 90 days. When these passwords expire, you will not be able to log in and manage your NSX-T components. This includes any API calls where administrative credentials are required.

In this article I detail the simple process of amending the expiration period or, if so required, removing the password expiration altogether (the latter being perfect for POC and/or lab environments).

Note, in the event of a password expiring, the password ‘reset’ procedure is documented in KB article 70691 – NSX-T admin password expired.

1. Firstly, connect to the NSX-T component’s CLI console via SSH.

2. Option A – Amend the expiration period from 1 to 9999 days:

nsxcli> set user <username> admin password-expiration <1 - 9999>

3. Option B – Disable password expiry so the password never expires:

nsxcli> clear user <username> password-expiration

4. Finally, check the password expiry for each user:

nsxcli> get user <username> password-expiration

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