Gareth Lewis Profile - vGarethLewisGareth Lewis is based in the UK and works as a Senior Consultant at Xtravirt Ltd specialising in the Software-Defined Data Center and, specifically, VMware NSX. Working to help customers across the UK and EMEA to accelerate and de-risk their digital transformation, Gareth’s goal is to enable customers to overcome their business and technical challenges by creating, developing and maintaining Private, Hybrid, and Public cloud infrastructure and solutions based on the VMware product stack.

Gareth is a VMware Certified Professional, VMware vExpert (2018-2020) and VMware vExpertNSX (2019), and is experienced across the following technologies and product stacks:

  • Software-Defined Data Centre and Virtualisation
    • VMware vSphere
    • VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere (NSX-V)
    • VMware NSX Data Center (NSX-T)
    • VMware vSAN
    • VMware Horizon View
  • Cloud Management
    • VMware vRealize Network Insight
    • VMware vRealize Log Insight
  • Storage and Storage Area Networks
    • Pure Storage
    • Dell EMC
    • Nexsan
    • Brocade Fibre Channel networking
  • Data Centre Design and Operations
  • Backup & Replication and Business Continuity
    • Veeam Backup & Replication
    • VeeamONE
  • Public Cloud
    • Microsoft Azure

With over fifteen years of technical experience within the IT industry, Gareth has a deep understanding of both technical and business process, and is able to design, implement, and deliver high quality and highly available solutions to meet customer requirements. He is adaptable and analytical, while being an approachable and collaborative team member. Gareth has strong communication skills, is a leader and strategic thinker with strong decision-making skills, and has a passion for delivering results.

In 2018, Gareth was accepted into the VMware vExpert program and, in March 2019 and February 2020, was awarded vExpert status for second and third consecutive years. In 2019, Gareth was also accepted into the vExpertNSX subprogram focusing on VMware NSX.

Feel free to reach out to Gareth on Twitter, LinkedIn, or via the Contact page.


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