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Twice each year VMware’s vExpert program opens its doors to applications throughout the IT and tech community. That second door opened just recently on June 7th 2019. The vExpert community is a group of like-minded enthusiasts, bloggers, book authors, VMUG leaders, speakers, tool builders, and community leaders.

If you are already busy in the community and are contributing in some way, this will without doubt open doors for you, give you priority access to VMware information and, of course, there are the usual vExpert licensing benefits.This has opened a huge amount of doors for me over the past two years, and has been a key driver in forming a number of fantastic relationships and creating some amazing opportunities. In my eyes, the VMware community in general is the most amazing community out there. Full of amazing, knowledgeable people, so why not join in?

Important Dates

  • June 7th – Applications Open
  • July 12th – Applications Close
  • July 26th to August 9th – Award Results

How to Apply for vExpert 2019

Current 2019 vExperts do not need to apply during this second phase, however, new/aspiring applicants will need to apply via

If you need any further information, please feel free to reach out or find a vExpert Pro in your area via

Good luck to all new applicants!

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