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Back in October 2017, VMware released a number of free NSX guides. A detailed overview of the releases can be found by clicking here. Just last week the NSX Guide Library was enhanced further thanks to the release of a number of new publications.  Regardless of whether you’re new to NSX or simply interested in topping up, if you work with NSX in any way, the VMware NSX Guide Library is essential reading.

VMware NSX Multi-site Solutions and Cross-vCenter NSX Design: Day 1 Guide, by Humair Ahmed

“In this Day 1 Guide, the authors walk through multi-site and its traditional challenges, and discuss some of the short-comings of traditional multi-site solutions, compare different multi-site solutions provided by VMware NSX Data Center, discuss the advantages of NSX and how it can be used for different use-cases, and go into detail on Cross-vCenter NSX for multi-site solutions.”

VMware NSX Multi-Site Solutions and Cross-vCenter NSX Design
VMware NSX Multi-Site Solutions and Cross-vCenter NSX Design

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VMware NSX Network Virtualization Fundamentals, by Gustavo A. A. Santana

“During their digital transformation process, many IT organizations still struggle with traditional networking methods and security approaches. By successfully addressing these challenges in thousands of real-world implementations, VMware NSX Data Center has established itself as the leading network virtualization platform, revolutionizing the way data center networks are designed and operated. In this book, Gustavo Santana examines the specific circumstances that created such challenges and explains how NSX Data Center overcomes them.”

VMware NSX Network Virtualization Fundamentals
VMware NSX Network Virtualization Fundamentals

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VMware NSX Automation Fundamentals Guide, by Caio Oliveira and Thiago Koga

“VMware NSX Automation Fundamentals delivers the roadmap to understanding networking and security automation challenges in today’s data centers. It explains the fundamental nature of VMware NSX Data Center architecture while detailing integrated solutions for both VMware and third party offerings (such as VMware vRealize Automation, OpenStack, Puppet, Chef, PowerNSX) that assist in creating networking and security components on-demand.”

VMware NSX Automation Fundamentals
VMware NSX Automation Fundamentals

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For a full list of all VMware NSX Guides, visit the VMware NSX Guide Library.

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