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VMware NSX Distributed Firewall (DFW) FQDN Filtering

Reading Time: 4 minutes

I recently had a great VMware NSX discussion with a contact on Twitter. They had reached out to me wondering if there was a way of restricting a VM’s connectivity to the internet by limiting its access to a set of wildcard addresses, e.g. * The specific ask was to restrict access to Microsoft Windows Server Update Services, as the vast list of underlying IP addresses for *, *, etc., changes regularly. In this scenario, utilising wildcards within the VMware NSX DFW rules would be hugely advantageous.

FQDN filtering within VMware NSX has been available for some time and is a quick and easy task to configure, either to allow or restrict traffic. In this article, we look at the process of implementing FQDN filtering and validate post-implementation.

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VMware NSX-T Manager FQDN Registration

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By default, NSX-T transport nodes access NSX-T Manager nodes via their IP address, however, changing this behaviour so that the NSX-T Manager FQDN is used instead can be implemented easily via REST API call.

FQDN registration is an NSX-T Multisite requirement. As such, FQDN registration is not required for single-site deployments.

In the scenario whereby a customer needs to failover NSX-T operations to a secondary site (by deploying a new NSX-T Manager and restoring from backup), the NSX-T Manager(s) and Cluster VIP address will likely change unless they have implemented stretched-L2. As such, the NSX-T Manager(s)/Cluster FQDN needs to be registered with all NSX-T transport nodes, and once a new NSX-T Manager is deployed to the secondary site and restored from backup, DNS can be amended to point at the new NSX-T Manager(s)/Cluster FQDN, and management operations restored.

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