Royal College of Nursing RCN Staff Awards

Royal College of Nursing Staff Awards for Excellence

Absolutely stunned and honoured, and my biggest thank you to the Royal College of Nursing and to all who nominated me for the award of Employee of the Year, presented by none other than Poirot, Jorah Mormont, and Gandalf!

In no way would this have been possible without my amazing manager (Geoff Lewis), the entire Technical Operations team (Mark Whalley, Darren Latter, Wayne Shadrach and, of course, David Collins (who also received the Your RCN Gem Award!)), and all in the wider IT Operations and Software Development teams.

Thank you to all of my fantastic colleagues who nominated and for such an amazing evening. This is a memory that will stay with me forever!

…and lastly, these wonderful guys, without which my nomination and win would not have been possible. L-R: Geoff Lewis (Technical Operations Manager), David Collins (Network & Communications Engineer), Yours Truly, Huw Bevan (IT Operations Manager), and Paul Newman (Head of Information Technology)

A few wonderful images from the evening…

Royal College of Nursing Staff Awards for Excellence 2018
Who’d have thought it?! Employee of the Year 2018, presented by the amazing Sir Ian McKellen.
VMware NSX Presentation

2017, The Final Quarter

It’s been a busy few weeks (when does ‘busy’ stop being ‘busy’ and just become ‘BAU’?), and with the final quarter upon us, I’m working to complete the last of our projects and implementations, and there aren’t many on my list bigger than a major data centre migration.

One item from the list I’m excited about is our in-house training. Compared with other projects, technical designs, or R&D, internal training can sometimes be seen as a secondary concern, however, rather than simply handing over a solution to an operational support team, I’m a huge fan of getting every member of the team around a table to discuss, challenge, and question the solution, the designs, and the technology. Specifically, myself and colleagues within our Technical Operations team (made up of both Infrastructure and Network Architects) will regularly provide internal training and/or overview sessions to both business owners and technical teams, as well as deep dives into the technologies we either have in development or the designs and implementations we are transitioning into live service.

At this time of year, it’s nice to step back and try not to take things for granted. It’s a real privilege to be able to work with such great partners, technologies (VMware NSX, Horizon, Pure Storage), our colleagues, and being part of a team that’s so passionate about the solutions we design and deploy; ultimately enabling the business to support both our users and members. Thanks to such projects and technologies we have been able to¬†enhance security and automation within the SDDC, provide micro segmentation of critical workloads, and deliver anything services and applications wherever the’re located.

VMware NSX Presentation