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VMware confirmed general availability of NSX-T Data Center 3.1.0 on Friday 30th October and saw many great new features and functionality. Continue reading to review the details around the latest enhancements, etc., or jump over to the upgrade procedure available in a separate article – Upgrading NSX-T Data Center to 3.1.0.

Executive Summary

Version 3.1.0 brings several new features for cloud-scale networking, intrinsic security and simplified operations.

It also further enhances VMware’s joint solutions with other products.

  • Cloud scale networking to enable massive private and hybrid cloud deployments.
    • Federation is Production Ready, offering cross-site resiliency and single point of management.
      • This feature is highly sought after for multi-site, multi-environment deployments.
      • Federation will enable multi-region setup in VMware Cloud Foundation.
    • Multicast feature set enhanced to cover complex, agile environments with congruent unicast and multicast topologies, firewalls, etc.
  • Intrinsic security for advanced threat protection and deep visibility.
    • Distributed IPS brings a unique distributed architecture to detect and block lateral threat movement on east-west network.
    • NSX Intelligence 1.2 adds physical server support and improves recommendations and visualisation features.
    • Provides the ability to purchase Internal Firewall and Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) security capabilities independent of networking.
    • vRealize Network Insight integration enhances network modelling with configuration assurance and intent verification enhances NSX-T threat prevention capabilities.
  • Simplified operations for easier, faster deployments and upgrades.
    • Singleton NSX Manager with vSphere HA: NSX now supports the deployment of a single NSX Manager in production deployments. This can be used in conjunction with vSphere HA to recover a failed NSX Manager. Please note that the recovery time for a single NSX Manager using backup/restore or vSphere HA may be much longer than the availability provided by a cluster of NSX Managers.
    • NSX integration with vSphere lifecycle manager (vLCM) allows for easier, simpler, faster installs and upgrades in vSphere environments.
      • This feature will be leveraged by vCloud Foundation for NSX-T lifecycle management.
      • This feature can be leveraged to improve lifecycle management in VMC on AWS leveraging vLCM.
    • Enhanced NSX-V to NSX-T migration with new tools, extended capabilities and support of migration for environments with vRealize Automation.
      • Modular Migration Firewall will allow the user to move firewall rules, state and membership between side-by-side NSX-V and NSX-T environments.
      • Will enable NSX-V to NSX-T migration in deployments where vRealize Automation consumes NSX-T. This is an important step to allow migration of VCF environments where both vRealize Automation and NSX-V are often present.
    • Simplifies the NSX-T platform adoption by limiting requirements for deployment and simplifying onboarding to next-generation solutions (vRealize Automation 8.X, VMware Cloud Foundation 4.X with NSX-T).

For further information and detailed release notes, simply explore the below links.


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